11march 2020 nifty b nifty levels

BANKNIFTY BUY- 26165.79 T1-26645.74 T2-26885.71 SL-25805.83
BANKNIFTY SELL- 26885.71 T1-26405.76 T2- 26165.79 SL-27245.67
NIFTY BUY- 10345.76 T1-10501.21 T2-10578.94 SL-10229.18
NIFTY SELL- 10578.94 T1-10423.49 T2- 10345.76 SL-10695.52
NIFTY 50 BUY- 10325.75 T1-10493.35 T2-10577.15 SL-10200.05
NIFTY 50 SELL- 10577.15 T1-10409.55 T2- 10325.75 SL-10702.86
NIFTY BANK BUY- 26141.35 T1-26569.69 T2-26783.86 SL-25820.09
NIFTY BANK SELL- 26783.86 T1-26355.52 T2- 26141.35 SL-27105.11

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